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  • Self Defense Made Simple

    In this modern age of crime and technology personal defense does not have to be complicated. Self defense can come in the form of a Tactical Pen http://www.topsecuritypreference.com/tactical-black-twist-pen.html.

    as well as Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Mace or Pepper Spray Guns and Mace Guns. The Tactical Pen is an amazing item, because of its unique design it has the ability to shatter a windshield or a passenger or driver side window. This would prove helpful in flooding situations when individuals are trapped in their vehicles especially when the automobiles power system has been disabled and doors will not open because of water pressure. One of the most amazing features of the Tactical Pen is the fact that it can also be used as a weapon. The sharp diamond shaped tip at the top of the pen can prove very painful if deployed and utilized as a weapon. Of course the Tactical Pen is also a great writing instrument and comes with a case and refill cartridge. I really like this pen as a matter of fact, I normally take it with me every where I go. The Tactical Pen also has a manly authorative appearance and is a great conversation piece and people always seem to have a lot of questions about it.

  • Different Types Of Pepper Spray

    Many people are unaware of the different types of pepper spray available to consumers. My website www.topsecuritypreference.com carries two different types of pepper spray. The two different types of pepper spay comes in many different styles shapes as well as colors. One of the main differences is the intensity of the pepper spray. My sprays range from 10% strength to 18%. My website has styles from ink pen designs to pepper spray guns. They also come in many different sizes such as the 1/2 oz and the home size fogger units. The prices for these units start at around $14.95 which does not include shipping and handling. Be sure to visit my site at www.topsecuritypreference.com

  • Self Defense Pepper Spray

    Greetings, today crime is running rampant in the homes and streets of America. It also appears that the American public is unprepared to meet many of the challenges that we face concerning senseless crimes against unprepared and unsuspecting victims. However, there are some simple things that we can do to protect ourselves. One of these things is something as simple as a $20.00 Pepper Spray. Several days ago on a Florida news channel I saw a 80 year old woman beat senseless by a deranged individual on a bus, and those who could have helped, strong young men ran for safety. Wow, think it could have been you, your mother, sister or daughter. I am providing a link to my website for anyone who is interested in non-lethal self defense products. www.topsecuritypreference.com

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